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Philadelphia OVEN REPAIR Welcome to Philadelphia Appliance Repair we are locally established company specializing on Philadelphia Oven repair. Philadelphia Appliance Repair has more to offer than most local contractors.

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You can always check our easy to repair oven tips or let us take care of all your oven needs.

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Easy to Fix Tips

Unit won't bake or broil

If neither the bake nor the broiler heating elements heat, but the range burners still work, the clock may be set for a timed or self-cleaning cycle. Check to be sure the clock buttons and knobs are set properly. If your clock has a knob that says push for manual push the knob in and try the baking and broiling elements again. If it still does not operate properly, you probably have a defect in the thermostat, selector switch, or common wiring.

If the unit does not have a separate bake/broil/etc. selector switch, the problem may be with the thermostat. But it's not easy to check the selector switch or thermostat for proper operation. If you suspect a problem in this area, call a qualified appliance technician.

The door won't close

If the door has gotten bent or warped (maybe you rested something heavy on it.), you need to remove the door, disassemble it, and straighten it. You can lift most oven doors off of their hinges by opening the door several inches to its first stop, and lifting the entire door straight up.

If the hinges have become worn, damaged, or bent, you probably need to replace them. We recommend replacing both hinges at the same time, to prevent uneven wear of the undamaged hinge.

Self-cleaning problem

The self-cleaning system on a gas is fairly complex. To be able to set and use the self-cleaning feature, you need to read and understand the owner's manual. If you have problems with this system, call a qualified appliance technician.

Gas smell !

Warning! If you smell gas coming from your unit, you may be in danger! You may, of course, get a brief whiff of gas as you light a surface burner, but if you smell gas at any other time, turn off the gas to the appliance immediately. Then call your local gas company and ask them to pinpoint the source of the gas. If the problem is with the unit, have a qualified appliance technician diagnose it. More info and tips

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