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Washer repairs in Philadelphia. Same day service 24/7. Call toll-free: 267-283-2045


Philadelphia WASHER REPAIR Welcome to Philadelphia Appliance Repair. We are a locally established appliance repair company specializing in Philadelphia Washer Repair, Philadelphia Dryer Repair, Philadelphia Refrigerator Repair , Philadelphia Dishwasher Repair, Philadelphia Stove Repair, Philadelphia Oven Repair, Philadelphia Microwave Repair and Philadelphia Disposal Repair. Philadelphia Appliance Repair has more to offer than other local contractors.

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Check out our easy to repair tips or let us take care of your washer needs.

At Philadelphia Appliance Repair we want to help you managing your busy life and schedule your washer repair appointment as conveniently as possible. As always, you can call us at:

You may now schedule your appointment online. Please send us an Email at and submit your name, phone number, address and brief description of the problem. We will confirm your appointment in the next 60 minutes


Easy to Fix Tips

If washer is dead...

Make sure the washer lid is closed properly. Make sure the timer and all washer controls are set properly. Make sure both water faucets are turned on.

If washer keeps moving around the floor

The legs on the washer are adjustable, the rear legs are often (not always) self-adjusting, make sure washer legs are not stuck and that they can move freely. But the front legs can screw in and out to move the washer depending on the floor the washer is sitting on. Make sure the washer is as low to the floor as possible. When the legs are screwed out too far the washer becomes wobbly. Often on the metal style legs there are lock nuts that can be tightened to secure the legs so they don't move on you.
Washers where really meant to sit on a cement floor, if your washer is on a wooden floor look carefully at the strength of the floor. If the floor is moving up and down when the washer is running, the floor may not be strong enough to support the washer's weight. Most main floor laundry room's floors are nailed down; the sub-floor is more secure if the sub-floor has been screwed down. Sometimes extra support may have to be added under the flooring to add some strength.

If washer is leaking

Check water fill hoses for cracks, blisters, corroded fittings and leaks. Cracks are a sign of aging and a breakdown of the rubber. Blisters signal a rupture in the inner lining of the hose, which means the hose may burst at any time. Corroded fittings mean the hose has leaked or is leaking now. If you don't replace the hose, you may find the corroded fitting is virtually impossible to remove from the faucet when you need to remove it. Replace the hoses if they have any of these conditions. ( water fill hoses generally need to be replaced every three to five years, regardless of whether there is a visible defect.)


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